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About UK Cosmology

UK Cosmology is a community of more than 250 researchers working at UK institutions with an interest in understanding the physics of the Universe.

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Our researchers work on a wide range of topics including:

  • the origin and nature of dark matter and dark energy;
  • modified gravity, from the point of view of both theory and observation;
  • early Univese inflation, from modelling to the origin of large scale structures;
  • analysis of and predictions for the CMB power spectrum, including non-Gaussiantities;
  • cosmological implications of fundamental theories beyond the Standard Model of particle physics such as supersymmetry, supergravity, string and M-theory;
  • generation of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe;
  • primordial magnetic fields and the origin of high energy cosmic rays.

The rapid development of these fields are driven both by new observations and experiments (e.g. the LHC in CERN or the Planck satellite mission launched in May 2009), and by new ideas in theoretical physics, ranging from particle phenomenology to fundamental physics such as string and M-theory.

UK Cosmology has a world leading reputation in all of the areas mentioned. Thanks to the support of Winton Capital we run a series of meetings covering all of the topics described above and provide a Facebook page as a forum for further discussion PhD students and younger researchers are especially encouraged to take an active part in these meetings. Details of the next meeting can be found here. We can also be found on Twitter and offer a list of outreach talks by members of our community.

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UK Cosmology gratefully acknowledges financial support from Winton Capital Management


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