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UK Cosmology holds several meetings each year, rotating through the participating institutions.

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To encourage further discussion about the ideas and issues raised in recent UK Cosmology meetings, please visit our Facebook forum.

UK Cosmology should be able to cover the cost of advance UK rail fares for people travelling to this meeting but strongly encourage delegates to use their own travel grants where possible. Claim forms are available here and should be returned within three weeks of the date of the meeting. Please ensure that (a) you include your bank details (UoN does not issue cheques); (b) your entries are type written (with the obvious exception of the signature); and (c) you include all ORIGINAL receipts. The completed formed should be sent to the following address:

Dr Antonio Padilla
School of Physics and Astronomy
University of Nottingham
University Park
United Kingdom

In some cases pre-authorisation of expenses may be required by the Chair

Date Location Details
21-22/04/2020 Newcastle More details
08-09/01/2020 Lancaster More details
10/6/2016 Sussex More details
11-12/11/2015 Edinburgh More details
27/02/2015 QMUL More details
23/09/2014 Oxford More details
24/06/2014 Portsmouth More details
20/01/2014 KCL More details
29/05/2013 Lancaster More details
12/03/2013 Imperial College London More details
27/03/2012 Sussex More details
07/12/2011 King's College London More details
13-14/09/2011 ICG, Portsmouth More details
20/05/2011 DAMPT, Cambridge
09/12/2010 Nottingham
06-07/09/2010 Durham More details
24/06/2010 Imperial College
24/02/2010 Lancaster
18/11/2009 King's College London
16/12/2008 QMUL
15-17/09/2008 Manchester
10/04/2008 DAMPT, Cambridge
28/11/2007 University College London
26/06/2007 ICG, Portsmouth
23/03/2007 Nottingham
13/12/2006 King's College London
29-31/08/2006 St Martin's College, Ambleside
08/06/2006 Oxford
14/03/2006 Newcastle
15/12/2005 DAMPT, Cambridge
19-20/09/2005 Durham More details
21/04/2005 Imperial College
06/01/2005 Sussex
02-04/09/2004 Edinburgh More details
02-04/09/2002 Swansea More details
16-17/09/2000 Durham More details
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